Maigne Method

In my daily practice I apply the method of Professor Robert Maigne, whom I had the opportunity to meet in the Conference Workshop GBMOIM. Maigne proposes a consistent method with medical substrate, clinically logical and easily understandable information that helps explain and treat many common pains with a spinal origin that can be seen in daily clinical practice.

The anatomical and pathophysiological basis on which it based its concept of PMID (Painful Minor Intervertebral Dysfunction) can fill the existing gap in painful pathology of the spine.

His concept of cellular – teno – periosteal – myalgic syndrome and scheduled scanning of the spine, gives the physician the weapons to provide a detailed review of a number of signs that will pinpoint many painful conditions that do not translate with traditional clinical examination or radiological techniques.

Knowing the minor pain syndromes described by Maigne guides conveniently the treatment of headaches, neck, back pain, back pain, sciatic pain. Some of the pathologies of the upper and lower limbs linked to the vertebral segmentary syndrome loom clearly by adopting the methodology of exploration, and this translates into more effective therapeutic approach, especially in those cases that are resistant to traditional therapy.

The method of Professor Maigne helps diagnosis in musculoskeletal pathology and musculoskeletal system to avoid unnecessary surgical procedures and adopt the most accurate treatment. It is also a guide to not make diagnoses mistakes that avoid such therapies in gynecology, urology and others.

Bookmark the express recognition by the author of osteopathy that ‘showed that there could be small spinal disorders reversible with precise and gentle movements which drew up a remarkable catalog.

Robert Maigne is specialist in rheumatology and physical medicine and has held several important positions throughout his career as Chief of orthopedic and rehabilitation medicine at the Hôtel-Dieu de Paris, President and Co-founder of the French Society of Orthopedic Medicine and Manual Therapies, President and Co-founder of the International Federation of Manual Medicine (FIMM), member of the workshop “the status of spinal manipulative research therapy” (National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, USA, 1975) or initiator and director for 20 years of university degree in orthopedic medicine and manual therapy (University Paris VI), among other charges.

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