My private practice in Teknon Clinic Barcelona is part of a multidisciplinary team that includes Dr. Collado, orthopedic surgeon and Dr. Dominguez, a neurosurgeon. Collaboration with these two specialists allows the approach of any pathology is much more accurate.

Detect what is the symptom or condition of the patient and do it correctly and apply the right technique, will presume the successful treatment of Orthopedic Manual Medicine

Therefore it is necessary to follow strict guidelines

  • Step 1: Manual clinical examination

    All patients should undergo through a manual clinical examination of the spine in order to diagnose the source of his disease.

  • Step 2: Diagnosis.

    According to the results, the medical diagnosis is done. These results make the choice of the Orthopedic Manual Medicine appropriate therapy to treat the patient.

  • Step 3: Application of the technique.

    The conclusions obtained are applicable to specific manual treatment of the vertebral segments causing the pathology.

  • Step 4: Manipulation of the limbs.

    As long as the condition requires, manipulations of the upper and lower limbs and peripheral joints will be made.

  • Step 5: Complementary therapies.

    If the patient’s medical condition requires, stretching and / or massage will be used in its many forms, as are also part of the success of Orthopedic Manual Medicine.

  • Step 6: Application of invasive therapies

    When Orthopedic Manual Medicine is not enough, other techniques can be used to achieve improvements in the patient: injections, dry punctures or neural therapy.

  • Step 7: Patient monitoring

    The patient is tracked in order to be able to trace an evolution in symptom improvement and / or disease and establish a visitation schedule if necessary.

  • Step 8: Maigne Method

    In my daily practice I apply this method to diagnose musculoskeletal and locomotor system pathology avoiding unnecessary surgical procedures and adopting the most accurate treatment.
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